Value Added Tax

VAT can be a complex area which is why we have a specialised team with the experience and knowledge dedicated to assist you with your queries.

Within our VAT team we have members who specialise in land and property, international transactions, charities, education, healthcare and finance. We realise that VAT can be puzzling and time consuming therefore we provide an efficient cost-effective service tailored to your objectives that makes VAT less daunting. Additionally, we like to keep you up to date with the latest key issues and matters which enable you and your business to make proactive business decisions. Our VAT services includes:

  • VAT advisory
  • VAT compliance
  • VAT enquiries

VAT advisory

To avoid complications with the Revenue it is beneficial to assess the VAT implications before a transaction takes place. We can advise on the implications in a format suitable to your requirements, summarising your options and considering the most tax efficient outcome. If you are concerned about your historical VAT records we can deliver a detailed VAT review and advise on any amendments required to comply with the VAT legislation.

VAT compliance

We can assist you with your VAT registration and advise the most effective method of keeping your VAT records up to date and compliant with the Revenues requirements such as Making Tax Digital. You can choose to involve us as much or as little as you like when it comes to completing your VAT return from simply submitting your return on your behalf to a full bookkeeping service.

VAT enquiries

Everyone dreads that phone call from the VAT office to say they would like to inspect your VAT records. We recognise that VAT can be a complex area and innocent mistakes can easily be made. We offer a service to support our clients through the review and appeals process to ensure fair treatment where your VAT accounting treatment is challenged by the tax authorities.

  • VAT Changes are Coming on Energy-Saving Materials

    VAT Changes are Coming on Energy-Saving Materials

    Whether you’re a builder, plumber or engineer, installers of energy-saving materials need to be aware of a range of upcoming VAT changes on insulation, solar panels and many other materials that will take effect from 1st October 2019.

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  • VAT Matters, Issue 10

    VAT Matters, Issue 10

    Missing Trader Intra Community (MTIC) Fraud

    It is a worrying trend that more businesses are unwittingly finding themselves embroiled in this type of fraud. Recent tribunal cases have highlighted that HMRC are winning more cases against legitimate businesses that in their view have not undertaken the necessary due diligence in relation to their supply chains. This can have severe financial repercussions on a business. You need to be aware of the impact and how you can mitigate the risk by taking some simple steps to protect your business.

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  • VAT on Property Search Fees

    VAT on Property Search Fees

    From planning to building control, local authority searches are often carried out by solicitors for their clients. In 2017, HMRC phased in a requirement for local authorities to charge VAT on property searches.

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  • Staying the right side of the VATman

    Staying the right side of the VATman

    This VAT matters issue looks in detail at the VAT penalty and default surcharge regimes.

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